The new Gucci fashion show in Castel del Monte: what symbols unite the two worlds?


Gucci announces its next fashion show. Alessandro Michele’s new show will take place on May 16, 2022 in Castel del Monte in Puglia. Gucci has announced that Alessandro Michele ‘s next fashion showwill be held in Puglia, precisely in Castel del Monte .

The designer’s interest is to give value to historical places, supporting and promoting the Italian artistic and cultural heritage. The fashion show will take place on May 16, 2022, in a brand new setting. Located almost 60 kilometers from Bari, Castel del Monte, as well as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is considered one of the most mystical scenarios in Italy. It is true that designer Alessandro Michele is fascinated by symbolism, we remember the Gucci Eye logo, an element that seems to refer to the esoteric symbolism of the so-called all-seeing eye. The ouroboros, the sun and the three-headed serpent are also included. Very precise iconographies, between esotericism , mythology and psychology.

The castle is located in the hamlet of the same name in the municipality of Andria, like a crown of stone on a hill in the western Murgia range. Its birth dates back to January 29, 1240, by the hand of the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II of Swabia . What does this castle, considered a symbol of magic and esotericism, conceal within its walls? The structure of Castel del Monte – with predominantly medieval architecture – has a perfect geometric design with an octagonal plan. There are also eight rooms on the ground floor and first floor, and obviously the imposing Gothic towers, also octagonal in plan. Another element used by the designer of GucciAlessandro Michele, who can be traced back to Federico II and Castel del Monte, is the sun. This symbol of rebirth, generator of light and life, is often found in the mystical drawings of the past, and at the entrance of the castle there is a Romanesque portal with two columns and two lions which observe the sunrise at the solstice of winter and summer. Not only medieval architecture, but Romanesque, Gothic, and the presence of some Islamic mosaics, this castle also represents an inexplicable enigma in this regard.


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