Shoes for evening dress. Which to choose?


Each of us has in our wardrobe an outfit reserved for big outings. Such a dress will likely lie comfortably inside a pouch in your wardrobe, and every time you have to put it on it’s a moment you wait with bated breath. When creating the outfit for an evening, the main focus falls on the shoes for the evening dress, without which your outfit simply does not exist. Which to choose? Here are some suggestions.

Despite appearances, among the top shoes for an evening dress there are not only those with high heels. Flat shoes are also fine. Which ones do trendsetters choose?

Shoes for evening dress: stilettos

It is in vain to look for flat shoes paired with an evening dress on Kylie Jenner ‘s Instagram profile . The youngest of the Kardashian clan she loves chunky sneakers, which she usually wears with baggy pants, but when it comes to a formal outfit, her choice is always the classic of the genre, namely high-heeled shoes. Both Kylie and her sister Kim have fallen prey to the transparencies , which they have long worn in many of their outfits. Black or beige stilettos will also look good with a dark green suit .

What shoes to wear with a long evening dress? Heeled sandals

Fashion sonnets could be written about the famous duo Bieber-Reilly. Hailey Bieber , considered one of her best dressed models, owes this title to her private stylist Di lei Maeve Reilly , who takes care of her look both in everyday life and for the most important galas. What evening dress shoes does Bieber’s wife wear most often? Heeled sandals . The model is unlikely to part with her minimal stiletto-heeled sandals for official events. These shoes beautifully emphasize Hailey’s long slender legs.

Flat shoes with evening dress: lace-up flip flops

Stilettos, sandals, wedges and cuissardes: all these high-heeled shoes are ideal for the evening. Remember, however, that even if the heel will certainly slim your legs and give the outfit the ‘WOW’ effect, nothing prevents you from choosing the flat sole instead of the stiletto heel. Opt for flat shoes with the evening dress, especially on vacation. On a warm evening and in a seaside climate, she focuses on elegant comfort, inspired by the look of Chiara Ferragni : a little black dress with spaghetti straps for women’s flip -flops .

Trendy shoes for the evening dress: mules with heels

There is no trendiest shoe to combine with an evening dress than high-heeled slippers , which occupy a place of honor right next to heeled flip-flops in the top 2021 shoe list. Well, square-toed kitten heels slippers are the dream of every woman who follows trends. No wonder Chiara Ferragni pairs her little black dress with these shoes for a night out. This is a summery, elegant and comfortable look!

Shoes for black evening dress: high boots with heels

An asymmetrical dress, an uncovered leg and shoulder and a pair of ultra-feminine cuissardes . This must be Hailey Bieber ‘s outfit , which proves that not only open shoes can be reserved for big events. Shoes for an evening dress can reach above the knee and create an outfit that is just as elegant as low-cut ones. High heeled boots outclass jewels, these shoes are an ornament in themselves.


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