How to wear a maxi scarf? Sonia Lyson’s outfits


It is trendy, soft and above all warm. The “blanket” scarf, or simply a large scarf, is an essential accessory if the air temperature drops below freezing. Some bring it out as early as the fall, as it’s an incredibly fashionable addition to coats and jackets. Among the top influencers, there is one who is particularly passionate about it. How should a blanket-style maxi scarf be worn according to Sonia Lyson?

Considered by many to be a master at pairing great scarves with equally great outerwear, Sonia Lyson is an inspiration for many women.

How to wear the scarf on the teddy coat?

The blanket scarf and teddy bear coat duo is probably the warmest (and trendiest) option for a cold winter. In recent seasons, everything oversized has been in fashion, so we can happily dive into very thick layers of fabric. How to put the scarf with such a coat ? The answer is: without tying it up! Pull your maxi blanket scarf through the collar and let its ends fall freely along the torso.

How do you put the scarf on the coat?

In Sonia Lyson’s outfits each color is chosen in a targeted way. The blogger loves to emphasize her look with colorful details like flashy bags, green wellingtons or neon pink caps. When she decides to wear a gray coat, beige trousers and black lace-up ankle boots , we can be almost certain that the accessories will be colorful. How to wear a maxi scarf with the classic women’s coat? Inspired by the style of one of the best dressed women in the world!

How to put the scarf over the hooded jacket?

The hood doesn’t stop you from wrapping yourself up in a big blanket scarf. This look can be really successful if you choose the right colors. Sonia opted for a multicolored checked maxi scarf, paired with a beige puffer jacket. The blogger is in love with the tracksuits that are an integral part of her streetwear wardrobe. The black shoes go well with the Prada baguette bag , while the green hat highlights the colors of the scarf.

How to wear large scarves with a bomber jacket?

Sonia Lyson’s winter outfits do not go unnoticed. The trendsetter loves combining understated clothes with colorful accessories. She wears her black bomber jacket with a baggy hoodie, an elegant bag (Sonia often puts the athleisure style in her wardrobe), a hat and a gradient scarf.


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