Dior Cruise 2023: 5 things to remember from the exceptional show in Seville


For its Cruise 2023 show, Dior set sail for Seville and invited a handful of handpicked guests to discover much more than a clothing collection. Here are 5 things to remember from the exceptional show.

This Thursday, June 16, 2022,  Dior  invited a series of privileged guests to make the trip to Seville, on the occasion of its  Cruise 2023 fashion show . After  Athens last year ,  Maria Grazia Chiuri  wanted to honor the Andalusian know-how specific to the region, infused in a series of key pieces from the collection. Here are 5 takeaways from the  Dior Cruise 2023 show .

L’allure masculine

A true icon of the  Dior Cruise 2023 collection ,  La Capitana , the name given to  Carmen Amaya , represents the very essence of flamenco, with her freedom to dance it which is not subject to any rules. An artist with extraordinary, revolutionary gestures, she was the first dancer in her field to dress as a man, combining power and fragility through her art. A masculine allure that is reflected in the collection designed by  Maria Grazia Chiuri  through masculine suits with fine stripes, sporty trousers with suspenders, a suit waistcoat lined with silk; a white shirt ; trousers of the Andalusian horsemen and short jackets adorned with frogs.

Andalusian know-how

As is often the case with her Cruise collections , Maria Grazia Chiuri lets the local artisans of the towns where the fashion shows are presented express themselves through the collection. This year, Maria Grazia Chiuri has chosen to collaborate with Orfebrería Ramos , which uses traditional metalworking techniques to make and decorate religious ceremonial objects. A complete line of jewelry has been developed on the theme of the rose of Granville, in homage to Monsieur Dior . Furthermore, around Seville, leather craftsmanship has a strong link with the equestrian world, with each element of the discipline influencing techniques and details. For the Dior Cruise 2023 collection        , Maria Grazia Chiuri  collaborated with Javier Menacho Guisado to reinvent the Dior Saddle bag using special methods of leather embroidery.

Equestrian hats

For this collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri has decided to reinterpret two classic hat shapes – emblematic of the equestrian wardrobe – produced by the Fernández y Roche workshop . One is in felt and the other in straw, both adorned with iconic Dior details . The inspiration for this collaboration came from a photo of Jackie Kennedy on horseback with the Duchess of Alba in riding gear, wearing a cropped jacket, high-waisted trousers and a wide-brimmed hat posed at an angle to the head.  

The Bar jacket and the Lady Dior Andalusian version

Embroidery plays a key role in all the collections designed by  Maria Grazia Chiuri , fascinated by the variety of techniques that, from Italy to India, from Paris to Seville, compose a global language. She thus became associated with the workshop of  Jesús Rosado , who only works with gold and silver threads to embroider the fabrics used to dress the Madonnas during religious processions or worn for liturgical rites. For this  Dior Cruise 2023 collection , they reinterpreted a version of the  Bar  and  Lady Dior jacket  with three-dimensional embroidery indicating a bas-relief inspiration.

The starry front row

Laetitia Casta ,  Chiara Ferragni ,  Jeanne Damas … Many of Dior ‘s friends   made the trip to Seville for this spectacular fashion show.


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