Copenhagen Fashion Week FW 2020/21: overview of shoes promoted by trendsetters


Recently there was the fashion week in Copenhagen which, although organized every year, was different from all the other editions. The attendees of this event strongly supported the changes that are happening and should always happen in the fashion industry. In addition to the very inspiring streetstyle outfits, for the first time we had to deal with a fashion week dedicated to eco-sustainability.

Chunky ankle boots, platform shoes and ruffled knee boots are just some of the footwear designs featured at Copenhagen Fashion Week this year.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2022/21: massive shoes

The trend launched in the previous season by the Bottega Veneta fashion house will not only be present in the upcoming season, but will also be stronger than ever. Let’s talk about the heavy and massive shoes, preferably black in color . They can resemble military shoes, just as they can be a “huge” version of chelsea boots. The important thing is that they look really heavy and that they are combined with contrasting pieces.

Don’t want your pastel fur to look too mundane? The massive Bottega Veneta style ankle boots will definitely help you achieve this effect.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2022/21: platform shoes from the 90s

The fashion trend of the 90s is always current. For this reason, at Copenhagen Fashion Week, it was easy to notice the boots and ankle boots with platform and massive heels. We are happy that they are back with us, because… they are incredibly comfortable!

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2022/21: soft knee-high boots

It seems the era of over-the-knee or mid-thigh boots has passed. So at least herald the street trends observed during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Currently, outfits are in vogue that, despite shoes with high uppers, reveal a little bit of legs.

How about the leather Bermuda shorts with the classic camel-colored trench coat and the black ruffled boots? We love it!

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2022/21: white shoes

Do you remember, a few years ago, everyone considered white ankle boots and boots as a controversial trend, and certainly momentary? Fashion surprises us again this time, because white shoes continue to be in vogue. Only the shades of white change. Last season snow white reigned, now the trendiest is off-white, tending towards ecru.

A great option, in the case of white shoes, is to combine them with various shades of beige. Do you want to look ultra trendy? For spring 2020, get yourself an oversized sand-colored trench coat and a pair of white ankle boots.


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