Black pants: trendy outfits from Scandinavian influencers


Do you know any woman who doesn’t have at least one pair of black pants in her wardrobe? The looks created with this evergreen garment go well with everything and on all occasions. This is its strength and the most important feature. Over time, they change in texture, cut and width, but black always remains in vogue. But how do Scandinavian women wear black pants?

Waxed, leather, with holes or vintage: black trousers are a staple of the Scandinavian wardrobe.

Black pants: outfit by Pernille Teisbæk

When it comes to Scandinavian fashion, Pernille Teisbæk is the quintessence of it. A former fashion editor, author of the book Dress Scandinavian and one of Copenhagen’s most famous and stylish girls, she has more than one pair of black trousers in her wardrobe , which she wears for various occasions.

For a Friday night

A total black look is always a great choice for a night out. In the spirit of current trends, the most popular black trousers are flared trousers, which are suitable for both sumptuous and less formal occasions. Pernille mixed class (bell bottoms and blazers) with a little spice (top cut-out).

For a shopping Saturday

One of the frequent choices of the Copenhagen fashion master are waxed black pants. This type of outfit with full length models in imitation leather is a frequent choice of influencers for the autumn / winter season. Because? Because they go well with the favorite colors of autumn, those of the earth, and offer additional protection against the cold.

Elegant outfits with black pants by Lisa Olsson

Elegant looks with black pants are Lisa Olsson’s specialty. The Scandinavian fashion influencer loves vintage, which today is one of the main styles of fashionistas. If vintage, then bell pants, of course. This is precisely Lisa Olsson’s favorite model.

Just like Pernille Teisbæk, Lisa Olsson also pairs black flared pants with a sleek long blazer and fitted top. This outfit is perfect for the office or for a business dinner.

Olsson prefers soft colors, which is why we won’t find colorful outfits on her Instagram profile. However, we will be able to admire combinations of comfort and practicality with the latest trends in true Scandinavian style. Which shoes of hers does Lisa choose for her straight cut black trousers, paired with a white t-shirt and beige blazer? A pair of white chunky loafers, which she wears with long socks.

Black waxed pants: outfit by Josefine Haaning Jensen

Scandinavian girls have always been known to rip off the clothes of their fathers, boyfriends and friends. They love to wear oversized blazers, baggy pants, and white XXL shirts that they put on top of their loose fitting tops or t-shirts.

Josefine Haaning Jensen’s profile is a source of inspiration for all lovers of male style. Take for example the outfit with flip- flops , black wide-leg trousers and a large printed T-shirt.

In a slightly more elegant but still casual style, Josefine poses in black waxed pants, a sweater and a hat . She combines the casual look with the Hermès Birkin bag, which has always been synonymous with class and chic.

Black high-waisted trousers: outfit by Hanna MW

The style of Scandinavian girls captivates with their exemplary ability to combine fashion with comfort. Northern women do not recognize seasonality, so their wardrobe is an annual alternation of original and surprising combinations.

Designer Hanna MW knows perfectly well that the best recipe for a successful autumn-winter look is a voluminous long coat, which can be worn in several ways: unbuttoned and let loose or with a belt at the waist. She uses the striped turtleneck as a scarf and tucks it into her high-waisted black pants. This type of outfit can be enriched with a pair of colored sunglasses or a belt with a golden buckle.

Baggy black pants: Matilda Djerf outfit

The looks of the very young Matilda Djerf are a tribute to the basic elements of the wardrobe, enriched by bold accessories. A simple fur coat and a furry bucket hat , or classic straight jeans and white square- toed shoes . These are the secrets of Matilda’s style.

Matilda Djerf wears black baggy pants with a white shirt and a Christian Dior sleeveless down jacket.

Ripped black pants: outfit by Jeanette Madsen

Jeanette Madsen is in love with oversized cuts. In the streets of Copenhagen she can be found wearing Magda Butrym’s or Ganni’s clothes. Cutting-edge accessories and clothing with a few extra sizes are characteristic of this young mother’s style. Jeanette pairs her black pants with holes with a black total look: long coat, sweater and ankle boots with metal toes.


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