Black Friday: why this name and if it’s really worth it?


Black Friday, which like Valentine’s Day and Halloween came to us from the United States, is an unmissable opportunity to shop at bargain prices. This year Black Friday will be held on November 26, but it’s not the only day with special offers. The term Black Weekend or Black Week means that the discounts last all weekend, or even a week !

Why is this shopping event called ‘black’ and is promotions really worth paying attention to? And if so, what should you buy in that period? Read on to find out. You can also see which products you can buy at reduced prices during Black Friday 2022 on !

What is the origin of the name Black Friday?

The history of Black Friday has aroused the interest of avid discount hunters for years. Black Friday is celebrated in the United States the day after Thanksgiving, when Americans eat stuffed turkey and baked potatoes. Are you wondering why really ‘black’? There are several theories on this topic. Here are some of them :

In the 1950s, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, American citizens called in droves to work, justifying their sick leave . It was a way to extend the weekend to four days. Some even left their jobs during this period;

The name Black Friday is also said to derive from accounting records. In the past, high sales figures were recorded in black ink. So, if the accounts were black, it meant that the entrepreneur had made a lot of money;

Another theory is that the name Black Friday has to do with police jargon , as it is a busy day for law enforcement, who have to watch crowds of people caught in the “shopping frenzy”.

Black Friday, Black Weekend and Black Week: what is it all about?

Initially the biggest promotion day in the United States was Friday. However, Black Friday quickly spread throughout the weekend, right through to the end of Sunday. Subsequently, online retailers introduced their cyber promotions on the Monday after the shopping fever in stationary stores. Hence the name Cyber ​​Monday.

Currently, the boundaries between offline and online shopping are beginning to blur, and most stores choose to start the promotion on Friday and end it on Sunday or even extend it to the rest of the week, under the name Black Week .

Is it really worth shopping during Black Friday?

For Black Friday the shops offer great discounts, sometimes up to -70%. Incredible discounts, offers not to be missed… these are slogans that can be seen on the windows of most stores (even online). It is a good opportunity to check if by chance your desired product is currently on promotion. Wondering what to buy on Black Friday? On our blog you will find articles on which women ‘s and men ‘s shoes , as well as accessories ( bags , watches, belts) are worth buying during this period.

Also remember that in the United States, Black Friday is the start of the pre-Christmas shopping season. Big price cuts are a great opportunity to buy Christmas gifts for girlfriend , boyfriend or family members.

What to buy on Black Friday?

As we have already established, on the occasion of Black Friday it is worthwhile to shop, but…. in a thoughtful way. Clothes, shoes, electronics – these are the main choices of consumers during this event. During the big sale period, it’s easy to be tempted to buy something you don’t really need. Our advice? Prepare your shopping strategy before November 26th and stick to it in the excitement of the moment and you will come out on top. You can read about these strategies, practiced by real discount hunters, in another article available on our blog. At this point, during Black Friday we can focus on buying :

shoe models in line with current trends: Texan boots, vinyl overcoats, chunky loafers or combat or chunky boots;

shoes to complete the capsule wardrobe: classic and timeless models such as white sneakers, black leather ankle boots, moccasins, ankle boots or black or powder pink stilettos.


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