Beige color: how to combine garments in nude shades?


Trendsetters and models from all over the world will certainly agree that there are at least a couple of pieces in this shade in their wardrobes. Being an extremely trendy color, it hasn’t been off the runways in several seasons now. We are obviously talking about beige: how to combine clothing and accessories in the favorite color of designers and those who dictate the trends of street fashion?

Warm caramel, cool beige, dark chocolate or refined ivory? The beige color has many faces and shades that revolve around nude shades. How to wear it?

Beige color: how to combine? With gray

When photographed on the street, she always wears something that is or is about to be hailed as a major fashion trend. Swedish model and influencer Elsa Hosk combines beige with gray. She wore a beige coat with baggy jeans and a gray Hermès bag. To spice up the look she put on a red hat .

What color goes well with beige? The black garments

If you’re not sure which color goes with beige, go for classic. Well, beige and black is one of the most popular and loved combinations by designers. Irina Shayk’s winter outfit is the perfect inspiration for the winter season. A beige down jacket from Burberry, a black sweater and trousers with a bag of the same color and sunglasses with a chain make a look worthy of any stylish woman.

How to combine beige? With denim

During New York Fashion Week we were able to admire the splendid duo of beige and denim. The baggy ripped jeans and the slightly darker cropped top of the beige blazer are a trendy combination that we can admire on the catwalks. The baguette bag is coordinated with the elegant upper part, while the Nike sneakers with the casual lower one. This is an athleisure style set , which is a streetwear fashion trend.

What color goes with beige pants? The White

Just like black, white can also be used in any beige outfit. Just look at Elsa Hosk’s look, which received a lot of applause over the summer. Back then, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid also dressed similarly. More fashionable wide-cut beige trousers, a cream-colored T-shirt, a white XXL shirt, a brown belt and beige sandals (with the obligatory square toe).

Beige color: how does it match? With blue!

Beige goes well with soft shades, but that’s not all. The Swedish model and influencer proves that beige can also be worn with intense colors like blue. She wears her beige trench coat, Audrey Hepburn style, with blue flared trousers and New Balance sneakers . The elegant Chanel bag perfectly underlines Elsa’s sporty-elegant look.

Beige color in a total look

If beige is one of your favorite shades, don’t be afraid to play with it. The beige total looks are also perfect for winter. Sara Sampaio loves this type of outfit very much. A beige blazer, a lighter bag and a caramel-colored dress, paired with UGG ankle boots are a really successful match.


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