Accessories: all the fashion trends of spring summer 2022


The accessories that will mark the spring summer 2022: all the fashion trends involving shoes, bags and jewels

Year after year we are on the hunt for the latest trends to mark a definitive map of what is worth buying : there is always something we have seen on the catwalk, a piece that has gone viral on social networks and even accessories to an affordable piece that inevitably mark the year. Of course, you need to have a particular flair but also a careful attention to what is happening.

Some specific trends or considered too “teen”, if worn in the form of shoes, bags or jewelry, are available to everyone. Real “little fashion” that have the ability to renew a classy trench coat or palazzo trousers. This is the case of the return of the 2000s : between a micro top and a low-waisted jeans, we can try a choker of crystals, while pointy shoes become mere irreverent if they emerge from wide trousers. Then there is the “color” issue: if the neutral represents a new minimalism – less geometric and more fluid – the bright shades stand out with joy and lightheartedness (try a Euphoria style mini bagon an oversized shirt). Let’s find out together, below, the most interesting accessories to buy and wear immediately.

Accessories spring summer 2022: focus on shoes

The tips that become increasingly sharp are extreme, while the silhouettes capture the attention with the platform soles or the crystal glazes that shine on the feet (even during the day). Fashion invites you to be daring with shoes , so much so that they become a fundamental accessory to express your style.

For boot lovers, knitted socks peep out on the catwalks , while those who do not want to give up comfort can count on shoes with block heels (not very high square heels).

Finally, the sneakers with the wedge incorporated which are expected to be a must have for next season with skinny jeans and utility bag.

Accessories spring summer 2022: focus on bags

The mini or micro formula is delicious and reappears on the catwalk as well as among the recent street style outfits : they are a condensation of creativity that invites you to collect the different models, so as to carry them on the shoulder or in the hand as precious caskets (such as the delicious beauty houses that here become handbags). The choice falls on particular processes, unusual textures and bright colors.

Then there are the bags, those that allow you to contain everything you need and beyond: they show the heritage of the maison or of the master craftsmen, they are in leather with visible stitching, knitted or crocheted , while the straw is perfect for baskets to show off by the sea or in the city (with flowers and steaming baguettes inside).

Finally the geometric bags: perfect rectangles and flat half moons become the contemporary essential with a retro flavor ( it’s all very 90s, it’s all very minimal ).

Accessories spring summer 2022: jewelry focus

The exotic is one of the central themes for all those jewels that want to adorn the body: body jewels , arm bracelets, long chandelier earrings with charms that fall on the shoulders and necklaces made with rope, shells and raw minerals .

This trend is contrasted by the charm of metals: in addition to chains – which have become a must have in the contemporary wardrobe, so much so that they adorn the waist in the form of a ” jewel belt ” – we find padlocks, spring hooks, but also torque necklaces that seem to be were forged for modern heroines.



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